Saturday, August 17th: The Stavna Ballet Gala at Gallery 5 in Richmond, Virginia: Please come out for a night music, dance and art featuring a one night exhibit of some of my works at Gallery 5. The Stavna Ballet is based in Richmond, Virginia and will be asking for a $35 donation for the event in advance or $40 at the door. Please go to for more information!

It's an ELEVATE The Sloping Companion auction! This beautiful collaboration between Jessica Bone, The Sloping Companion and Jonathon Blake (Crazyredbeard) is up for auction. The opening bid is $300.00 - Auction ends March 6th @ 10:00 Central and will be called live that evening. Place your bids HERE. Free shipping! Got a blank space where my mind should be Phish tribute. Acrylic on canvas. The dimensions are 24 X 24 - Fifty percent of the proceeds will go to The Mockingbird Foundation @ - Do I hear $300.00 to open? The winner will also get a free print to share with a loved one.
Thursday, February 28th: Abakus/Polychrons, Richmond, VA @ THE CANAL CLUB :: Live art/vending

Friday, March 1st: SHHO, OpenGrounds 5:30-8pm, Charlottesville, VA :: Exhibiting/live art

Wednesday, March 6th: Southern Belles @ Rapture, Charlottesville, VA :: Live art/vending

Thursday, March 7th: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Winchester, VA @ Blue Fox Billiards :: Live art/vending

Saturday, March 9th: 40Under40: Shenandoah Vally Art Center, downtown Waynesboro, VA :: Exhibiting

Friday April 12th-Monday April 15th: Rock N Roll Resort, Kerhonkson, NY @  Hudson Valley Resort and Spa :: Live art/exhibiting/vending/community art project

Let's talk about birds. Or feathers. Or even BIRD FEATHERS. Why not?
Some months ago, I penned a new design idea that I'd been kicking around in the old brain cage: a sort of NW Indian tribal design of an eagle and a raven, connected by a simple heart with a rather hypnotizing wing pattern. Below is the original sketch which I'd originally envisioned as being a spinner pin. The idea was that love is the center that holds it all together and that it radiates in all directions north, south, east and west.

Well...once I posted the pic up on ye olde Facebook, a little kizmet happened. My friend Robert Champion who hails from Chicago had been industriously collecting old wooden palettes from his work and had started upcycling them into band memorabilia such as clocks and tables. On top of that, he'd gotten his hands on a nice wood burner and was eager to try out his ideas in real time. When the image hit the internet, it was a no brainer for The Champ. He quickly asked if he could use my design as the basis for a table and I thought to myself, "Well self? That's a darned good idea right thurrrrrr." So we shook digital hands and Robert headed into his magical laboratory.

Within a week or so, the product was ready. We decided we'd try to sell it with a portion of proceeds going to benefit The Mockingbird Foundation. However, we quickly realized that asking for the worth of the table ($650) was going to be hard for any typical phan to afford. So today, we put on our collective tin foil thinking caps and decided...IT'S RAFFLE TIME, BABY.

Check out the following link which will take you over to The Sloping Companion, where you can see the final product and enter the raffle if you'd like:

And here's the great thing...having raffled off art in the past, I was always a little frustrated that all but one person in a typical raffle...well...loses. And though we appreciate those of you who are simply trying to support our artistic ventures in general, I decided that everyone should walk away with something. So....for a raffle entry of $15, you get your choice of Phish pins from either Robert's stash or mine. It's that easy. Enter the raffle, get a pin. And might get lucky and be the overall winner and take home a ONE OF A KIND piece of upcycled, functional art. So what are you waiting for??? Follow the link and take a shot! 

With love in all directions,

Jon Blake, Crazyredbeard Productions 
Here's your first piece of news: We created this site on a leap day so, technically, what you're reading DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. Wormhole'd.

On a more serious note, we here at CRB Produx decided it was FINALLY time to listen to you guys (we eat the yellow snow...cut us some slack) and re-tool the site. So we kicked over the sand castle we had initially made and went for Weebly, something which seemed like a much more user friendly operation than what we had going on before.

As time goes on, I'll be uploading a lot more art, including prints and pins from friends that we're lucky enough to sell on this site. 

SO! Enjoy yourself! We hope you love the new site and it's easier on all fronts. With the ease of use, I imagine I'll be adding a lot more content a lot more often. 

Yours in art, life and everything,