Here's your first piece of news: We created this site on a leap day so, technically, what you're reading DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. Wormhole'd.

On a more serious note, we here at CRB Produx decided it was FINALLY time to listen to you guys (we eat the yellow snow...cut us some slack) and re-tool the site. So we kicked over the sand castle we had initially made and went for Weebly, something which seemed like a much more user friendly operation than what we had going on before.

As time goes on, I'll be uploading a lot more art, including prints and pins from friends that we're lucky enough to sell on this site. 

SO! Enjoy yourself! We hope you love the new site and it's easier on all fronts. With the ease of use, I imagine I'll be adding a lot more content a lot more often. 

Yours in art, life and everything,




02/29/2012 5:47pm

The old site will be missed. It was launched in January 27, 2007. Here's to over five years of Crazyredbeard Productions!

07/06/2012 8:39am

Good read


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